Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thinking Outside the Yoke Blog Hop

Welcome to Her Craft Kre8tions first ever Blog Hop which we are calling Thinking Outisde the Yoke. Each Design Team Member was given a paper mache egg and were to transform this into something other than what was given to them originally. Our Design Team is to think outside of the "card" and do something other than cards and layouts. What a challenge .... could you meet this challenge?

Let's start with thinking outside of the yoke of our eggs . . . .
 Here is my egg transformed into a butterfly.
I cut my egg into fourths. These eggs are plastic inside. Taking the smaller fourths I cute off 1/3 of the piece. Taking the paper from the 2 small pieces I rolled them, and taped into place. I then kept bending them into the shape I needed for antennas. Set these aside. Now cut some news papers to 5" wide . Roll into a butterfly body shape. Wrap a 12" pipe cleaner around it.Twist it at the tail end. 
Now for the fun and messy part. Mix a solution of Elmers glue and water. 1 part glue to 2 parts water. If it seems too thin add more glue. Do this in a bowl your hands will fit in easy. Cut stripes of paper 1" by 6-7 "long. Now start putting the paper stripes in the glue criss -crossing each other. I stated with news paper. I did 5 at a time. Then I ended up with White paper which had to be in the glue just a few seconds longer. I did the bottom wings first and set aside on wax paper. I then hot glued the top wings to the body of the butterfly and then paper mached it. When finished I set it aside on wax paper to dry. Then I did the antennas. I let this dry for 2 days.
Using The hot glue gun I glued the butterfly together. 
Now we are ready to paint it. Using Americana Acrylic paint Ultra Blue deep I painted the whole butterfly. It took 4 coats. Let dry well between each coat. When no more white is showing through you will know you have enough paint on it.
Now the fun part decorating the butterfly.Taking Fashion Caps Braiding cord in deep pink I wrapped it around the head and tail of the butterfly. I hot glued it on the back. Next hot glue a small round picture hanger on the back between the top wings on the body. Make sure you have it in the right position. it will tare the butterfly to try and move it. 
Gems! Yay! I used gems from Createlogy - Michaels brand in deep pink, clear and yellow. I used 3 sizes. i placed them to see how they looked on the wings before hot glueing them into place. Be careful and don't burn your fingers. Next time I will try glue dots for this step to see if it works. If someone does, let me know your results. Because the glue seeped from under the gems, I went back and touched up with the paint. Let dry. Now spritz with Tattered angles Glimmer Mist iridescent Gold. I did all the way around it. Let dry. I spritz it on white cardstock. I spritzed it twice on the front and sides. After spritzing I placed it on wax paper to dry. Why do it on cardstock paper, because I now have a very pretty paper to use for a card or layout.
Once dry you are ready to hang your creation on the wall. That is where mine is now.
I hope you enjoyed my art class for today. If you have any questions please contact me and i'll answer them for you, or leave me your questions with your e-mail in my comment section. Have a beautiful day.
Now off to Jackie . I am sure she has something wonderful to see.

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Have a great day. We hope to see some creations by you. Edwina


rlovew said...

Wow! That is quite a difference- I wouldn't have guessed there was an egg in there at all. Lovely butterfly.

Rachelle said...

I love what you did Edwina, I was going to try and make a butterfly too but, I don't have any really good cutting tools.
I love yours..
So happy to be in the DT with you!

Colleen said...

This is absolutely amazing! BEST transformation ever!! Awesome job!! :)