Sunday, November 4, 2012

Robyn's Fetish Challenges

Hello Everyone, We are delaying our Challenge posts due to Hurricane Sandy.
  For those of you how know me, know that I live in New Jersey. I am at my Brother's in North Carolina. We arrived Saturday evening. We are without power at home and may be for another 10 days. The substation blew up during the storm. My Mom and brother felt I needed to be were it was warm as I had become ill from getting too cold. I will be here till Thanksgiving when he takes me home again.
  Our DTC is in New Jersey and where she lives it was hard hit. We hope to be up and running soon. So please check back Monday. That is our goal. Thank You.  Edwina


Marlene Atkinson said...

it is great to hear you are safe,hope you get well soon. Hope to hear from Suasan soon. Marlene member of the DT at Robyns Fetish.

Stacie Gorse said...

Edwina, it's just so good to know that you are OK! Our team has been going crazy with worry for you and Susan!
Enjoy the time with your family!