Friday, June 6, 2014

How to make a Diamond Fold Card Tutorial 06/06/2014

How to Make a Diamond Fold Card Tutorial

Supplies needed:

scoreboard and bone folder
 paper trimmer
ATG runner or other adhesive
ruler and pencil
card stock- for base
designer paper or card stock
digis- "Cattails, Just Ducky, Farah Fawn, Cabin in the Woods, " Robyn's Fetish

Gather together your supplies and set up your work station.

Cut your card stock to 4" x 12".

Score on the long side at 2", 4", 8", and  10".

Turn over and mark to 6" on both sides with a small pencil mark.

Score from the 6"top mark to the 2" score line at the bottom of paper in a diagonal line.

 Score from the 6" mark to the 10" score line on the opposite side of the paper so that it forms a triangle shape.

Turn your paper 180 degrees. Score from the 6" mark to the 2" score line on opposite side of paper in a diagonal line.

Score from this 6" mark to the 10" score line on opposite side in a diagonal line. You will have a diamond shape.

This is how it should look at this point.

Fold the 2 end pieces over and crease with a bone folder.

Unfold, and  fold down the sections in the middle to form a triangle shape as shown. firmly crease with the bone folder.

Unfold and do the same fold on the opposite side. Firmly crease with bone folder. Unfold again. This is how it should look. 

Straighten out your card base. We will start folding the card now. 

Take hold of your diamond shape on your card and start folding in the triangles towards the back of the diamond shape as shown.

While holding these triangle pieces in place fold the other triangles in towards the other ones so that it lays flat against the others. Fold the end piece so it forms a square on this side.

This is how it should look so far. Now repeat the last 2 steps on the other side. 

This is how your card should look when you have it folded. 

Note: It will lay flat to mail. You can add a heavy book on it a couple of days to flatten it if you wish. 

Now you are ready to decorate your card. 

Here are the finished cards. I made Father's Day cards for my Dad and Step-Dad.

Here are the cards opened up.

Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed making these cards wit you. Have a happy Summer! 


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Avril Ann said...

Fabulous tutorial, Edwina and brilliant cards, especially the swans, very dear to my heart they are, hugs xx

Lynne said...

Absolutely stunning my friend - love the tutorial and now for my turn to try!!
Much love, hugs, and friendship