Monday, January 16, 2017

Hug a Heart Card Drive 2017


The purpose of this card drive, which runs from 1/16/17 to 2/14/17, is to help collect handmade heart theme cards (non-Valentine’s Day) such as Thinking of You, Hello or Just Because cards for many of the Heart Center patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital during February's American Heart Month.  Each card you make will bring heartwarming encouragement to all who are affected by heart disease - patients, families and hospital staff.

“Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect and results in sometimes very complex disease that require multiple surgery and prolonged hospitalization. The advance in medical care and surgical techniques have improved survival for many of these patients who are born with various forms of congenital heart disease. However, for some congenital heart disease there is no cure and only palliative procedures are able to be perform which though imperfect gives the patients a chance at life. The success of treatment for patients with congenital heart disease has allowed many to become adults. Despite the success, many patients still require many medications, procedures and revisions improve the prior repair. For some patients, the only option is to undergo a heart transplant. Although Heart Month which is occurs in February focuses on important adult onset disease such as heart attacks and stroke, it is a particularly important month for patients with congenital heart disease as they are also at risk of developing these same disease like any one of us. However, given their congenital heart disease the risk of having an additional acquired heart disease makes it even more important for these patients. We hope that the Hug a Heart Card Drive can give these patients some heart-warming messages.” – Dr. Kan N. Hor (Pediatric Cardiologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital).

We hope that you will be able to join us in this heartfelt cause.  The cards you donate will not only brighten a heart patient’s day during February’s Heart Month but will positively impact that child’s life beyond what you can imagine.   Anyone is welcome to help make the cards, including young children.  In fact, we encourage the children to get involve.  Children love receiving cards from one another!  Thank you so much for your generosity and gift of cards!  




This card drive ends on February 14th 2017.  Please have your cards to us by February 14th

Please see below for the complete card guidelines. Anyone is welcome to help make the cards, including young children and grandchildren.


  • Hug a Heart card drive is opens to both U.S. and International participants.  Anyone is welcome to help make the cards, including young children and grandchildren. 
  • This card drive ends on February 14th 2017.  Please have your cards to us by February 14th. 
  • Card Types: handmade cheerful “heart” theme (non-Valentine’s Day) cards such as Thinking of You, Hello, or Just Because cards for children between ages of 1 to 19.  As long there are hearts on the cards, it counts. 
  • Greetings (Sentiments) on your cardfront is optional.  But if you do include one, here are some suggestions: sending hugs, sending smiles, thinking of you, wishing you a beautiful day, or hello.  NO Valentine’s Day greetings please.
  • Inside of cards: Please do not stamp or write inside the card.  Keep it completely blank so hospital staff may write a personal message to each individual patient.  If using a dark colored card base, please adhere a white or light colored piece of cardstock to the inside of card to make it easier for patients to read the hand-written message. 
  • Card size: please try to keep it to an A2 size card (finished 4.25”x5.5”). 
  • Back of cards: This is completely optional.  You may include a label “handmade by + your name + Hug a Heart Card Drive 2017” to the back of your card.  It can be a hand-written, stamped or small computer printout label.
  • Please include an envelope for each card. Do not seal the envelope.
  • Please do not use loose glitter as it will get on hands and into eyes. 
  • Please keep embellishments to a minimum and avoid using any that might be unsafe for young children. 


Please package your cards in a box or padded envelope to ensure they arrive undamaged.  Please include the following information with the cards so that I may acknowledge your gift of cards and enter you for the "Thank You" prize giveaways below.

Your Full Name
E-mail Address
Mailing Address


P.O. BOX 517
DUBLIN, OH 43017


To thank you for your participation and generous gift of cards, we have several prize packages to give away.  To be consider for the prize drawing, please be sure to include a form with your full name, email address and mailing address when mailing in your box/package of cards.
  • Heart Panda digi set by Christina Hor – everyone that send in cards will receive this 

  • Hug for You digi set by Donna Ellis - everyone that sends in card will receive this generous give from the lovely Donna Ellis.

  • Craft Goodies – to two random U.S. participants.  Each a box of craft goodies, value at $25.
  • $25 Simon Says Stamp Gift Certificate - to two random International participants.
  • $50 Simon Says Stamp Gift Certificate: everyone that send in 30+ cards will be entered into this drawing.


Got specific questions or need more clarification about the card drive? Please don’t hesitate to contact me (Christina Hor) directly at


Please help share with others about Hug a Heart Card Drive and brighten a heart patient’s day this February’s Heart Month by displaying the Hug a Heart Card Drive banner below on your blog's sidebar as well on social media.  Please use hashtag #hugaheartcarddrive when sharing on social media.  Thank you so kindly!

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Hi Edwina. I hope your Monday has been well. Thank you so much for your help. This card drive is off to a beautiful start because of all you do. Not just for sharing about the card drive to others, but of the direct impact you yourself will have on these heart patients with your beautiful cards. I am so blessed to be the messenger, delivering all the heartwarming cards and together we help will make many heart smiles this Heart month. Thank you so much Edwina. May you have a lovely rest of your week. Hugs.