Sunday, August 21, 2011

Setting up site

Can anyone tell me how to add photos and badges to a blog? I need help. I would like to share my designs with the rest of the scrappers  and card makers out there.


Linda said...

Hi Edwina if you google How to set up a blog there are some really good videos on how to do what you are asking. What I do is save a picture into my picture folder and then go to design and there is a little icon that says picture click on this and it will allow you to browse your computer for the picture you want to put on your sidebar. I hope this helps.

I have become a follower and thank you for following my blog too. I will pop back from time to time to see how you are getting on. There are also some free blog downloads similar to mine.


Amy said...

Hi, Edwina!! :) Thanks so much for visiting me during the hops this weekend!! I'm so glad you're having fun with those...

There's so much information out there on how to get started with blogger, but I have TWO post links for you that have been SO helpful to SO many of my bloggie-land friends.

Here is the first:
This site has SIX "lessons" to help get you started -- You won't need all 6, but there's so much helpful info.

And then there is this tutorial (that I send a LOT of people to):
This will help you with all of those "little" details.

I hope this helps you out -- I can't wait til you start sharing some of your crafty work -- Be sure to come and leave me a message when you post your first project!!

Amy :) at