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How to use Shrink Plastic to make a Mother's Day gift

How to Use Shrink Plastic make a  Mother’s Day Gift

Supplies needed:

Ink Jet Shrink Plastic- “brands I used are Shrinky Dinks- white, and Grafix-clear”
Alcohol markers- “Copic markers”
 Corner punch-“ Fiskars”
Hole punch
Heat gun
Parchment paper for baking I used Reynolds.
Painters tape
Embossing powder- iridescent
Embossing ink pad- “Tim Holtz Distressed embossing ink Pad”
Jewelry glue- E 6000 is best,  I used Beacons 3 in 1 glue.
Jewelry rings
Hair Barrettes
Stamp block
Wooden sticks- you may need 2 in case your plastic sticks to itself. This also helps you to keep the plastic from moving around too much.
Round toothpick

Supplies needed to make the Penny Pockets:

Cardstock a solid and a print
Paper trimmer
Score Tape
ATG adhesive runner
Lace, Ribbon, and trims of choice- “brands used are by Really reasonable Ribbon, 3 Girl Jam, Walmart Fabric Department, and Great American Ribbon Company, Joann Fabrics” Some of the trims were bought by the yard.
Round object to help roll the cardstock I used a paint brush
Bone folder

Choose your digis that you want to use. Decided the sizes you want. I made mine 3 ½” and 2”.  I am using Heliose the Garden Gal, Flowers for Mom, Daisy Days, My Spring Garden, and Dragonfly Days. You can find them in the Robyn’s Fetish store here  Print your digis onto the shrink plastic. You may need to hold it so it will go in easier depending on your printer.

Here are mine colored on both shrink plastics. I am using both so you can see the difference between them. I used Copics to color them.
white / clear 

Note:You need to color the digis about 3 times lighter than you would on cardstock. They deepen in color when they shrink. I used my lightest colors.

Copics used are:
E0000, E000, E00- skin, B000, B00, B01, B05, BG000- blues, YG01, YG03, YG95, G20- greens, Y000, Y02, Y04, YR21- yellows, YR00, YR02, Y17, YR07- oranges, R22- red,  W00, W1, W3- brown for shoes, E31, E33, E41- browns for hair, RV000, RV10, RV11- pinks.

Now cut your images apart so you can cut them into the shapes you want. I made rectangles for the larger digis and used a corner punch to round the corners.

For the smaller digis I am making them into charms. Make sure you punch a hole in the top. Using a regular hole punch. Anything smaller will not work as the hole will shrink close. Now cut the desire shape you want for your charm.

Set up your work station to shrink your plastic. I used Parchment paper and taped it down so it will not move around. The parchment paper will keep your plastic from sticking to the counter. I also put parchment paper on my stamp block so the plastic will not stick to it. You will use the stamp block to flatten the plastic when it has finished shrinking. While still hot.

Here are photos showing you what happens as you heat the plastic. Let cool before touching.

                                   These 2 photos show the plastic straightening back up.

The plastic after it has been pressed with a stamp block.

Note: “Do not touch the plastic when hot. It will burn you.” It is very hot.

This photo shows the difference in size between the plastic before shrinking and after shrinking. 

Once your plastic is shrunk you can emboss it. I embossed the back first. Then let it cool.  Once it is cool you can emboss the front. I embossed the clear plastic only. On the larger ones I did the back only.

I poured some embossing powder into a paper plate. Press the charm into the embossing ink pad. Make sure it is covered.

Then lay it in the embossing powder. Tap off the excess powder.

Stick a tooth pick into the hole of the charms to make sure there is not embossing powder in it.

Heat with the heat gun until the power melts and sparkles.

Now you are ready to make something with your plastic charms.

How to make a Penny Pocket:

Set up your work station.

Cut your solid and print cardstock into a 6 ½” x 6 ½” square. You will need a 3” x 3” square, and four 1” x 1” squares.

Now cut the 3” square and the print 6 ½” x 6 ½” square into triangles so you have to halves.

Fold the 6 ½” x 6 ½” solid square into a triangle. It is best to do this by bringing the one corner down to the other corner across from it. Hold in place and press a crease into the paper in the center of the fold.

Keep holding and press the fold down from the center out.

Using your permanent adhesive (ATG runner) outline the edges of the larger triangle.

Place this on one of the triangles on the folded one.

Now curl the triangle to form a cone shape. I used a paint brush to help so I would not crease the paper.

Shape the cone so it will be easier  when you glue it together.  As you can see I also check that it will line up right at this point.

Now put score take on the 1” squares. Place it on both sides.  Take off the tape paper and put the tabs in between to folded papers on one side.  Make sure you have one at the bottom and top.

 Note: Cut the corner off the one at the point so it will go inside the other side of the cone easier.  

Remove the papers from the score tape so you can put the tabs into the other side. Start at the point of the cone first.

Once the cone is together press the inside along the seams so that the paper and tape adhere together good. I used a bone folder to reach to the point. After pressing what I could with my fingers.

Using score tape put a line of it down the center of the seam on the back. Then a piece on each side. You may need to overlap it as you don’t want the tape wider than your ribbon. If this is the case remove the paper from the tape so you can overlap it.

Cut your ribbon so you have about ½” overlap on the bottom and 3” at the top.  About  12” of ribbon.

Now place your ribbon on the tape making sure the tape is covered. Start at the point of your pocket. Press into place.

Trim the point to remove the excess ribbon.

Now run two lines of adhesive along the long end of the smaller triangle.

Line the point of this triangle with the point of the cone. Make sure you let it over hang on top so you can fold it down in the back. About 3 /16”.

Press it down in the back starting in the center. As you go work from both sides. It is smoother this way. It also helps to keep your triangle in place.

Using your Score Tape put a piece along the inside at the very top of the front of the cone. Remove the paper cover and place a piece of gathered lace along the tape.  About  4” long. You want the lace to stick over the top.

Place Score Tape along the outside front part of the cone. Put your trim of choice here. About 4 ¼” long.

Note: If you are going to add charms along the front Make sure you thread the charms with twine or cord and put the cord or twine into the score tape before you place the trim on the front. You may need to cover the cord or twine with another piece of tape before adding the trim on top.

Using score tape outline the V of the triangle and the inside top edges of the pocket .

Remove the paper from the tape.  Now start at the left corner of the V and place your trim pressing down to make sure it is adhered as you go. Keep going till you meet back at the V. Cut the trim and make sure the edges meet up on the trim. About  13” long.

Now cut a piece of the ribbon 5”- 5 ½” to make a loop. Place score tape in the top of the cone alone the seam about about 1/4” and ½” down, about ½” wide stripe. Attach the one end of the ribbon, then using more tape if needed the other end making a loop.

Turn over and put the ribbon sticking up from the back through the loop.

Turn back over and place score tape along the seam on both sides about 1” down. Press the ribbon into place.

Now make a bow and using score tape tape it into place on top of the ribbon adhered there so it covers it.

Add your pin, charms or whatever you want now .

I glued pin backings onto some of the plastic images to give to my Mom in one of the Penny Pockets as a Mother’s Day gift.

Here are the Penny Pockets I made. I added a pin to the blue one, A charm to the bow of the orange one, and 3 charms to the pink one.

These are items I made with the Shrink Plastic. Hair barrettes top row. Charms and a dragonfly piece                            to use on a card later second row. Third row pins for Mom.  

   Here is a Mother's Day card using some of the shrink plastic.

Notes: There are pros and cons to both brands. 

Shrinky Dinks- white plastic- Is much easier to see when you color it, but the black ink comes off onto your markers as you color them and you are constantly having to clean your marker tip. I did this by getting a piece of white cardstock and would scribble with it to get the black ink off. I will use the paper later as distressed pieces on cards. Shrinky Dinks does not keep it shape very well when it shrinks. It is fine for some things but not for others. The charms being smaller kept their shape better.You can color Shrinky Dinks after it is shrunk. I colored the edges to get rid of the white edge and touched up the sky. If you plan on making earrings you will need 2 layers. You will need one of the image flipped to go with the other one. Then glue them together. Make sure you punch holes in the same spot for earrings on both pieces.

Grafix- clear plastic-. It is harder to see what you are doing. I placed a piece of white cardstock under it so I could see it better. The black ink does not come off onto your markers. This is a big plus I used about half the ink as I did on the other. Grafix keeps it shape. It makes prettier jewelry. The embossing looks great on it. You can see the design through onto the back, so if you make earrings you only need one layer. Grafix opens back up better than Shrinky Dinks. 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I had a lot of fun making my Mom a gift and card and sharing it with you. See you next time. Edwina 

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