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How to make background paper using shaving cream and re- inkers

How to Make Background Paper Using Shaving Cream and Re- inkers.

Shaving cream- white only
Ink refills- I used Tim Holtz Broken China and red
Cookie sheet lined with foil
Paper towels
Craft stick or Popsicle stick
White cardstock

Set up work station.

Note: It is best to cover your counter with wax paper before starting. I did not do this and it was hard getting the ink up. You have to use a cleaner with bleach in it to remove it all.

Decide how big a piece of cardstock you are wanting to do. Then spray the shaving cream in the pan.

    Make sure you cover it good and that you have enough to be slightly bigger than your paper.

The next 2 photos show  me smoothing out the shaving cream using a craft stick. It does not have to be perfect.

                                           Decide on the colors of ink you wish to use. Use between 2-3 inks. More than 3 inks and it will be muddy looking. Now add drops of the first color you will use.

 Now add your second color of ink. It is best to put your inks were there is a drop every 2" just like baking cookies.

 Using your craft stick or Popsicle stick run it through your inks so it will give a marbled look. I started by going horizontal fist. 

 Now do the same thing going vertical. You will have a cross hatched design. 

                                                 This is how it should look.

Place your paper down on the shaving cream.

                        Press lightly over the entire surface so the paper touches the ink good. 

                                                      Now lift your paper up.

                                                      This is how it will look.

Place your paper on the counter. Take another piece of cardstock and place it on top of the one with the ink / shaving cream on it. 

 Press the top piece onto the bottom. I just lightly rubbed my hands across starting in the center of the paper. This will make sure the ink gets on both papers.

                                                   Pull the papers apart. 

     Wipe the papers off going in a circular motion. this will add to the design of the ink on your paper.

            Make sure you get all the shaving cream off. Let dry completely before using.

Note: Do not throw away the shaving yet. you can us it till the shaving cream is gone in your pan. If you think it needs more ink add drops where you had the other and run the stick through it. I did this and made several sheets. I actually like my last few the best.

                                               Here are all the papers I made.

Now your are ready to make cards. 

Pick out your digis. I am using George Washington, Go Team,  Liberty Bell, My Bike and Play Ball by Robyn's Fetish. You can find them here

Here are the cards I made. The banner behind My Bike says Happy Flag Day.

Note: Here are some good color combinations to try. Be careful to not over combine the inks. 
Red, blue, purple
Yellow, green, blue
red, orange, brown
red, orange yellow
orange, green, purple
black, orange, lime

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will give this a try. It was a lot of fun. 

I saw this technique first on Split Coast Stampers here -

See you next time. Edwina

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