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How to Make a Swing Card Tutorial 10/03/2014

How to Make a Swing Card Tutorial

Supplies needed:
card stock (Recollections)
 designer ( digital papers by Far Far Hills and Shery K Designs)
Spellbinders Scalloped Labels One die any wide die will work 
pencil, ruler, 
removable or low tack tape, (I used tape that had already been used so it would not tare my paper.Digital papers tare real easy.)
Magic Rub eraser
paper trimmer
score board and bone folder
adhesive ATG runner or score tape
sentiment and digis
color medium of choice for digis (Copics)

Gather together your supplies and set up your work station.

Cut one piece each of card stock and designer paper at 8 1/4" x 5 1/2". I went ahead and cut 2 sets.

Using your pencil lightly draw lines on your card stock at 2 5/8" and 4 1/4" as shown.

Draw lines on your designer paper at 2 4/4" and 4 1/8". Then draw a line across at 2 3/4". I used pencil then went back with a white colored pencil so you can see the lines.

Tape your die cut on all 4 sides to the designer paper making sure that it is on the part you are cutting out. Line the die's centers on the side with one line and the side with two lines on the first line as shown. Run it through your die cutting machine. Remove the die cut but Do Not remove the die from the designer paper. Leave the tape in place.

                                                              line 1      line 2      

Place your designer paper on the card stock as shown and adhere the tape to it so it stays in place.

If you are using a Cuttlebug place the A plate down then place the C plate on top of it. You need to be able to see the lines on the paper for the next 2 steps.

Now place your papers on your C place as shown. Then cover the paper with your B place only to the  line drawn. Do Not cover both lines. 

Run this through your die cutting machine as shown. You may have to adjust your paper and B plate before running it through. 

Note:I showed you the layers you needed so you could see what you had to do. I found it was easier to place everything together except the B plate. Place it on the Cuttlebug Then slide the B place under the roller and add it to the layers just to the line drawn. Then run it through the Cuttlebug. You may need to do this twice depending on your paper thickness.

Now turn your layers around and cut to the line on the other side.

Remove the layers and the tape carefully from your papers. This is what you should have. 

Using your Score board and bone folder score the back of your card stock at 2 3/4" just down to your cut line. Do this at the top and bottom between the edge of your paper and the cut line. It will not line up with the pencil marks.

Turn your card stock over to the front and score at 4 1/8" down just to your cut line on the top and then do the same at the bottom between the edge of the paper and cut line.

Fold on the scored lines. On the 2 3/4" scored line it should be a mountain fold. On the 4 1/8" scored lines it should be a valley fold. This is how it should look. 

Take your designer paper and trim off 1/8" on all 4 sides. This will give you a border on all 4 sides. Then  cut your paper 1/16" on each side of the 2 lines drawn on your paper. 

This is what you should have after cutting your paper.  You will not need the trimmed off pieces, but save them in case you cut a little too much off on the center pieces.  

Now glue the 4 pieces to your card stock as shown.

Using a good eraser (I like Magic Rub) erase your pencil lines on both the card stock and designer paper. 

Here is the card folded. Now you can decorate it. Make sure you decorate the die cut shaped flap on both sides. 

I am using Robyn's Fetish digis on my cards. These are the ones I used "Scawey Ghost," "Bearly A Pumpkin," and "Pumpkin Magic."
You can find them in the Robyn's Fetish store here

Here are the cards I made folded up. They fold to 5 3/8" x 5 1/2".

Here are the cards opened up. They are in the exalt place as above so you know which front goes with which inside. 

I wrote my own verses for my cards. Here is a closeup of the one verse.

Here is a closeup of the other verse. I left a space to write a small greeting as well.

Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed our Halloween crafting time together. This card technique is great for any theme or design. It can be simple or dressed up with embellishments.

Until next time. Happy Crafting!



Far Far Hills

Shery K Designs

Robyn's Fetish store

Where I first saw this technique.

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Lady Bug Stampers said...

Good Tutorial Edwina but a bit confusing for me I am gonna have to do it as I read this or I will never get it cut properly... I do like the outcome however!!
Linda K.