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How to make Crimbo Crackers/English Crackers Tutorial 12/05/2014

How to make Crimbo Crackers/English Crackers Tutorial

Supplies needed:
Christmas gift wrap
low heat glue gun and glue sticks
toilet paper rolls or paper towels rolls cut into 4"
1- firm plastic wrap roll- needs to be hard
2 brown paper bags
parchment paper
scissors, ATG runner
Candy, small gifts, money, toys, notes- I used Candy
Crimbo Cracker snaps
Curling Ribbon
White Card Stock- Georgia Pacific 
digis- I used Robyn's Fetish digis

Gather your supplies and set up your work station. I placed a piece of parchment paper on the counter when I was ready to use the hot glue gun.

Cut your Christmas wrapping paper at 7.5" x 12".

Cut your white card stock at 2.25" x 7"

You will need either to buy or make your own cracker rollers.

I am going to tell you how I made a homemade cracker roller. This is a photo of mine. 
Use the firm paper roll from plastic wrap, a paper grocery bag or the bottom of 2 bags, and hot glue. Cut off the bottom of two grocery bags. They should be the right size of 12" long. Glue them together. Now roll them up on the roll and glue the edge to the paper. It will now be tight enough  but not too tight to slide into the 4" paper rolls as shown below. If it seems too loose, cut another section from the bag and roll it around the tube. Test before gluing into place. You don't want it too big.  Now you are ready to make your Crimbo Cracker. 

Slide the 4" roll onto your cracker roller. Center it up. 

Now get a piece of the cut gift wrap. Place a small line of hot glue about 1/2" from the edge in the center of the paper as shown. Roll the 4" tube on the roller onto the hot glue and hold in place a few seconds. 

Now get one of your Cracker Snaps. Place it on the gift wrap but do not glue down.

Note: Mine is too long. Cut the ends from the snap if they reach to the end of your gift wrap. They should reach only to 3/8"-1/2" from the end on both sides. The center of the snap needs to be in the middle.

Now roll the gift wrap making sure the paper stays in line as shown.

Now add hot glue in a line along the edge of the wrapping paper. Finish rolling it up and hold in place for a few seconds.

This is how it should look at this point. This photo shows the bottom.

Now remove the Cracker Roller. The 4" tube should be inside. This is how it should look inside.

Get a piece of the 2.25" x 7" card stock. Roll it up to be slightly smaller than the gift wrapped tube.

Slide into the end of the roll, just to the edge of the wrapping paper. Spread apart so it fits against the wrapping paper.

 Make sure the cracker snap is inside unhindered as shown. 

Place a drop of glue where the edge of the white card stock is to hold it in place.  You can also add a drop behind the card stock so it won't slide out. I did this to be sure. 

Using your fingers pinch the wrapping paper between the tube and the card stock as shown on one end.

Set aside. This is how it should look. 

Cut your ribbon at 10"-12" Tie it around the end you pinched making sure that the seam is on the bottom on your cracker. 
Note: Do Not Tie Too Tight. The cracker snap needs to not be bound. There will be a small opening in the end. 

Make sure you tie a double knot. 

Now fill your cracker. I am using candy. I put 4 pieces of the miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in this one. 
Note: You can add toys example- hot wheels, rubber balls, tops, whistles, plastic jewelry, real jewelry for adults, money, notes, and for crafter's  you can put in flowers, ribbon, bakers twine on spools, or buttons. Just remember that these will be pulled apart not unwrapped.

Pinch this end of the cracker between the card stock and 4" tube. 

Tie the ribbon around this end in a double knot as shown. Make sure the seam of the wrapping paper is on the bottom.

You can curl the ribbon by running your scissors along the ribbon as shown using your thumb to hold the ribbon against the scissor blade. 

Here is your Crimbo Cracker ready to decorate. Oops! I see I did not cut the end of the snap. Just cut it right on the beginning inside of your cracker wrapping. 

I am adding digis by Robyn's Fetish called "Charlie the Christmas Bear," "Gilded Christmas Dove," "Candy Cane and the Gingerbread Boy," and "Gingerbread Boy with Presents" to my crackers. You can find them here

I colored the digis with Copics then added Iridescent Glitter by Recollections, Glossy Accents, and Snow Flocking by Recollections to them. I then cut them out by hand. 

I used the ATG runner to attach the digi to the Crimbo Cracker. I just placed a small line on the back attaching the center of the digi. I am hoping the digi can be saved for the person receiving it to keep. 

Here are the Crimbo Crackers I made. 

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you will give this a try. They are fun and simple to make and fun for those receiving them.

Crimbo Crackers can be used for any Theme or party for adults as well as children. 

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until next time happy crafting. 


History and tradition of the Crimbo Cracker

Where I first saw this technique:

Old English Crackers

Where you can buy the snaps and other supplies

Robyn's Fetish Digital Store


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These are wonderful and fabulous tutorial. Thank you for sharing.
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A brilliant tutorial, Edwina, and Reese Peanut butter cups, my fav, love the papers and images you have added..brilliant, hugs xxx