Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dragon's Lair Facebook challenge

At Dragon's Lair we were challenged to make a card with only certain items. Below is the challenge. 
  • If you were locked in a room with a small assortment of items and asked to make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, would you be able to make it? This is what is in the room:
  • • table and chair,
    • a pair of scissors,
    • an assortment of cardstock some of which have been printed with backgrounds from a Dragons Lair Designs collection of your choice,
    • some quick grab glue,
    • a black fineliner,
    • and a pack of assorted buttons
    In my “heads up” post I said that I may be generous and give you something else – well I’m feeling really generous and want you to choose one piece of your crafting equipment to take in with you. I chose a border punch by Martha Stewart called Arch Lattice.

  • You can find the Dragon's Lair Facebook challenge here

This is the finished card. You will find the how to below. 

These are the items I used. I also used some green card stock. Lay your card stock against your card base and cut it to fit. lay it aside. Then cut a stripe of card stock roughly 2" wide. Punch out your border. adhere it to your card background along the top.

Now we make some flowers.
Pale Yellow Flowers:
The pale yellow one are made by cutting out flower shapes with 5 petals. I place one flat and then took the second one and placed my thumb in the center. Then scrunched the flower around my thumb. Then I curled the petals with my fingers. It is hard but not impossible to use ATG runner to glue the flowers together. Make short dabs of the runner on the center of the flat flower. Then press the shaped flower on top. Add a button to the center. Yes, I used my ATG on the buttons too. I turned them over and held the button still and made short runs of the adhesive on the buttons till they were covered on the back. 

Blue flowers: 
I cut out circles between 1/2" and 3/4" I then folded then into a cone shape. I ended using 5 of these for each flower. I then cut out a white card stock circle about 1/2" and covered it with ATG runner. Then I pressed my petals to it. Then I added a button to the center.  I added ATG to the back of the white circle and added my flowers to the card.

Small Flowers:
Once I had the placement of my flowers I felt it needed more. So I cut a stripe of card stock about 3" x 1/2" Then I cut about half way every 1/8". Then I ran the ATG on the color side of the card stock. rolled it up. One it was rolled up. I cut off about 1/8" from the uncut end. Then I started pressing the cut pieces dow so the color of the printed paper would show. Then I cut out a 1/4" circle and covered each side with ATG then I placed the circle on the card where I wanted the flower. Now press the flower into place. 

The leaves I jusy cut out by hand. They are all slightly different in size. I made 2 vines to add to the card. Cut 2 spripes of card stock at 1/8" x 3". Then roll a stripe around your small finger. Remove it and roll it tighter. Now attach it to your card.

The sentiment is hand written with a fine tip pen. 

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful day! Edwina

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Gwyneth said...

I love your button collection box and your choice of extra item to use. Your card is gorgeous and just proves how going back to basics can produce a really nice effect.